Lumitron Pte Ltd

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103 Kaki Bukit Avenuse 1, Shun Li Industrial Park 415986
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Special Illumination Distributor

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    They bring to you the best in class luminaries. They have handpicked top brands in luminaries that greatly improve the aesthetics of condominiums, hotels, show flats, offices, educational institutions, leisure centres, and industrial parks.
  • Luminaries Brands
    Luminaries Brands
    • GE Lighting
    • Fumagalli
    • RZB (Germany)
    • Sylvania (EU)
    • PETREL (UK)
    • Tobias Grau
    • Targetti Poulsen
    • Dark (Belgium)
    • Fontana Arte (Italy)
    • Moreco Luce (Italy)
    • OTY Light
    • Wever Ducre
    • Luxtile (Singapore)